SKIN CARE: innovative skin care concept

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Over 30 years of MALU WILZ Beauté care expertise combine traditional methods and active ingredients with highly effective drug and treatment innovations to create a unique care concept.

All products and treatment methods meet the high standards of professional cosmetics.

Permanent tests as well as further development and optimization in the in-house training institute guarantee a proven effectiveness.

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Highly Effective Skin Care



Highly Effective Skin Care


  • High Tech care products that are suitable for every skin need
  • Innovative ingredients combined with proven ingredients guarantee the best results
  • Quality "made in Germany" for best compatibility



Medical Skin Care


  • Apparative cosmetics for the combination of medicine and cosmetics
  • Highly effective cabin products complement modern beauty appliances in an ideal way
  • Extension of the treatment offer in the institute
  • For special requirements in the field of treatments
Medical Skin Care
Cocooning Skin Care



Cocooning Skin Care


  • Effective and luxurious pampering experiences
  • Relaxation is at the forefront of the treatment
  • Sensual scent creations and flattering textures pamper skin and senses
  • Holistic treatment methods



Sales Products for Every Need


  • Cleaning for every skin type and claim
  • Energy for tired and dull skin
  • Modern textures combined with classic feel-good scents
  • Trends and Specials, like Sleeping Mask, Good Night Ampoules and much more ...
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