FOUNDATIONS: products for every requirement

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The make up products by MALU WILZ Beauté emphasize your individual beauty. Silky foundations with an airy light texture or opaque fluid can revive your complexion. Selected ingredients, such as smoothing squalane will give you the luxurious feeling of a smooth and velvety skin at any time of the day.

Professional tip: Primer

A primer forms the perfect basis for a long-lasting make-up and ensures a radiant, perfected complexion.



  • ultra-light, breathable foundation primer
  • evens out the skin tone
  • optically refines the pores

Ref. No. 45050



Would you like a high level of coverage, e.g. for special occasions, or a lighter texture for a natural appearance? You will find the right foundation for a long-lasting, even complexion in the comprehensive MALU WILZ Beauté range!


High coverage

Luxurious cream foundation that grants a perfect and splendorous complexion. Light-reflecting pigments conceal small unevennesses like e.g. tiny lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections. The Long-lasting, uniform and velvety finish leaves a specially pleasant feeling. Squalan affects skin smoothing. UV-filters protect the skin from environmental impacts and it is also water-repellent.

For dry to demanding skin.

Ref. No. 452.XX

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High coverage

Special liquid foundation with excellent coverage thanks to the exceptionally high pigment density. This long-lasting product reliably conceals skin blemishes (e.g. pigmentation disorders, thread veins, acne scars etc.) and makes the complexion look smoother and finer. With moisturizing hyaluronic acid. Practical cannula tube for precise and economical dosage. Contains no parabens, talc-free, suitable for sensitive skin, skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed.

For all skin types.

Ref. No. 459.XX

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Medium to high coverage

The light powder products give the skin an even, totally natural complexion. The powdery consistency clearly differentiates itself from conventional make-up products. As light as silk, the powder foundation melts into the skin for a radiant complexion. The special combination of pigments conceals lines and enlarged pores.

For all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Ref. No. 485.XX

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Medium coverage

Long-lasting, oil-free foundation. This pleasant, gently melting texture visually reduces the pores and leaves the complexion looking smoother and more even. Oil-absorbing substances reduce the appearance of shiny skin. This foundation is long-lasting. Sunscreening. Hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture and Vitamin E fights free radicals.

For all skin types.

Ref. No. 453.XX

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Medium coverage

Creamy application and slightly powdery on the skin. This foundation is in a practical box with mirrow. It is very long-lasting, diminishes the need for powder and protects from damaging environmental impacts by means of a UV-filter and vitamin E.

Also available as a refill. For all skin types.

Ref. No. 455.XX, Refill: 456.XX

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Makeup texture



Concealers freshen up every complexion! Eye shadows disappear as if by magic, covered by the nourishing concealers of MALU WILZ Beauté. The delicately melting creams and airy-light fluids make your complexion shine.


Light-reflecting pigments for a radiant complexion. Shadows, lines and small wrinkles are covered. Complexion looks more even and radiantly fresh. The light and pleasant texture does not settle into lines and wrinkles and is ideal for refreshing make-up with the practical brush applicator.

For all skin types.

Ref. No. 4391.X

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Luxurious concealer cream with a lifting effect and an exclusive turning mechanism. Nourishes and firms with anti-aging substances and conceals targeted eye shadow and small skin irregularities. Lines and wrinkles are softened thanks to fine powder particles - the complexion looks rested and radiant. The intensely nourishing masking cream does not settle into lines and wrinkles.

Ref. No. 4392.X

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Long-lasting concealer for a smudge and waterproof finish. Reliably conceals dark circles, lines and wrinkles. Light-reflecting micro-pigments ensure a balanced color tone of the skin. The optimally concealing texture conjures up a covering, but at the same time natural finish. Soft focus pigments scatter the light and leave the complexion looking fresh and even. Special ingredients protect the skin from unwanted shine without drying out. Paraben.

Ref. No. 4394.X

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