LIPS: lips in variety

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The basic collection contains timeless top-selling colors and textures for every make-up look and every occasion.

The impressive variety of colors and modern textures combined in a product range on the very highest level.


Lipsticks and Lip Liner


The lipstick combines the power of nature with the must-haves of a modern lipstick. The creamy texture contains at least 80% ingredients of natural origin, such as carprylic/capric triglycerides, a light skin-caring oil and 100% natural candelilla wax, which ensures velvety soft lips. The skin-nourishing oil ensures that the texture glides smoothly over the lips during application, resulting in a pleasant wearing comfort, an even appearance, and a soft, nourishing feeling on the lips. The wide range of colors covers all customer needs and is suitable for all skin types (also suitable for sensitive skin). Color-giving components, such as pigments of mineral origin, provide a delicately shiny color intensity and lead to a silky and natural finish. Thanks to the noble shine, the lips receive a great volume effect and appear visually fuller. The texture is free from: Mineral oil, paraben, silicone, talc. Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed.

TIPP: Before applying the Classic Lipstick, trace the lip contour with the Invisible Lip Styler.

Ref. No. 4220.XX



Reversible lip liner for accurate color application, thanks to the creamy texture, the liner is comfortable to wear and does not dry out the lips. The good durability prevents the lipstick from leaking. The narrow lead for precise application can simply be turned back into the mechanism. The integrated sharpener ensures the exact lead shape. Integrated Candelilla Cera wax lets the stick texture glide gently over the skin,hyaluronic acid provides moisture for the delicate lip area.

Ref. No. 4210.XX



Transparent lip liner that prevents lip glosses and lipsticks from smudging and bleeding by creating a color-neutral barrier. Integrated jojoba oil allows the stick texture to glide gently over the skin. Thanks to the creamy texture, the liner is comfortable to wear, does not dry out the lips and is particularly easy to apply. Good durability prevents the lipstick from bleeding for up to 6 hours. Smudge-proof, waterproof. Free from: Paraben, PEG. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. 

TIP: The Invisible Lip Styler can be combined with all lipstick colors and is therefore perfect as a complementary product for any color of the Classic Lipsticks.

Ref. No. 4211.01 transparent



The Lip Diamond enchants with its shiny texture with countless glittering pearls and ensures a stunning, shimmering finish on the lips. The pearls it contains create a multidimensional effect by reflecting incident light rays, which not only creates a beautiful play of colors on the lips, but also makes the lips appear visually fuller. The delicate formulation lies gently on the lips and ensures they are comfortable to wear. With valuable ingredients such as Brazil nut oil and vitamin E and a delicate vanilla scent. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Paraben-free, talc-free, lanolin-free.

Ref. No. 47593.XX



The nourishing lipstick with a gentle color consists of three elements, each of which contains active care ingredients. The outer segments contain the Indian plant extract of Swertia chirata as well as a complex of jojoba oil and pomegranate flower extract. The plant extract of Swertia chirata is known for its emollient properties and ensures soft and beautiful lips. With regular use of the TRIPLE CARE LIPSTICK, lip wrinkles can be reduced or plumped up thanks to this ingredient. The complex of jojoba oil and pomegranate flower extract protects the lips from drying out, provides particularly gentle and intensive care and visually plumps them up. The texture in the middle strip contains hyaluronic acid and glucomannan. These are known for their nourishing and moisturizing properties. The lipstick has medium coverage, which emphasizes the natural look. The creamy texture can be spread smoothly on the lips and ensures a comfortable fit. Lanolin-free, paraben-free. Clinically tested.

Ref. No. 47599.XX



Glossy Textures


The creamy texture blends perfectly with the lips and ensures weightless comfort. The nourishing hyaluronic acid and marula oil provide the lips with moisture. Medium color release, ideal for a wide range of requirements from the natural to the absolutely feminine look. Slightly shiny and long-lasting finish. Can be applied easily and precisely - ideal companion for on the go. With a delicate vanilla scent. Waterproof. Without mineral oil and paraffin. Paraben free. Vegan.

Ref. No. 4242.XX

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Extremely long-lasting lip color with an even and ultra matt finish, for a perfect lip make-up. The fine pigments it contains give the lips intense color The innovative, gel-like texture lies as light as a feather on the lips and ensures they are comfortable to wear for hours. After drying, the color stays in place and does not fade over the lip contour, lasts up to 6 hours.


Ref. No. 425.XX

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Leaves a wonderful shine on the lips with a touch of color and no sticky wear feeling. 

  • Blue sea kale, a sea plant extract, stimulates collagen synthesis and thus regeneration of the skin, and at the same time protects against free radicals. 
  • Collageneer®, an active combination of sunflower oil and white lupin seed extract, supports the skin’s elasticity. 
  • Hyaluronic Filling Spheres®, tiny spheres made of freeze-dried hyaluronic acid, preserve the skin’s moisture, "plump up" fine lines from below and make the lips look smoother. 
  • Marine Filling Spheres®, a combination of marine collagen and nanosomes (similar to liposomes) that bind moisture in the skin and smooth out fine lines and unevennesses. 

With regular use, the lips will look visibly nourished. 

With a pleasant fragrance. Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed. Gluten-, lanolin- and paraben-free. Clinically tested.

Ref. No. 427.XX



Matt Textures


Creamy on the lips. The long-lasting lipstick with the revolutionary texture offers the highest wear comfort with appealing coverage and a velvety-mat finish. The creamy color glides smoothly over the lips, remaining as light as a feather and providing the lips with a velvety softness – for irresistible, trendy lips! 

Ref. No. 4773.X

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Extremely long-lasting lip gloss for a smooth and matt finish. Contains pure pigments for intensive color on the lips. Very high level of coverage. Creamy texture with a pleasant wear feeling without stickiness. Contains no parabens. Silicone-free.

Ref. No. 473.XX

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lipstick textures


Self-tinting Pigments


Intensive nourishment. Gentle color pigments enhance your natural lip color. Self-tinting pigments bond with the top layer of your lips and create customized shades from subtle rose to delicate pink. Lips look smooth, refreshed and fuller, thanks to the shiny transparent color. High-quality plant oils helps lips to retain moisture. Refreshing spearmint scent. Paraben free. 

Ref. No. 47572

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Gloss and volume. The moisturizing lip oil pampers the lips with a balanced composition of three selected plant oils. The self-coloring pigments create depending on the individual pH value a delicate rose or fresh pink tone on the lips. Creates a glossy finish on the lips, without being sticky. The lips appear fuller due to the shiny transparency of the product. With refreshing spearmint aroma. Contains no parabens.

Ref. No. 47588