Portrait of young Japanese woman in kimono in front of cherry blossoms

Moisturizing treatment with cherry blossom extract

MALU WILZ Beauté takes you with BEAUTY OF SAKURA to the land of the rising sun at the height of the year, when thousands of cherry trees are in full bloom and exude their incomparably sensual floral fragrance. 

Discover a unique treatment and exclusive cabin products with selected active ingredients.

Fruity and floral notes, rounded off by a sweet balsamic base, form a unique fragrance experience and meet ingredients from Japanese beauty care such as cherry blossom extract and rice. The beauty benefits of rice have been appreciated by Asian women for centuries. Silky smooth, well-moistened and flawless porcelain skin is the ideal of beauty. In combination with selected active ingredients, the rice extract provides an intensively moist, fine-pored and soothed skin for all skin types - even sensitive skin.

The BEAUTY OF SAKURA moisturizing treatment impresses with its silky-soft, light textures and allows mind and soul to relax. The combination of active ingredients in the cabin-exclusive products replenish the skin's moisture stores, promote blood circulation and ensure a fresh, revitalized appearance of the skin.

Beauty of Sakura will inspire you:

  • Pampering sensory treatment with intensive moisturizing
  • For a fresh, revitalized appearance
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Soothes and refines
  • Relieves feelings of tension

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