Gift envelope with flowers

THANK YOU - have you ever wondered how many times you say this word every day? Since 1977, September 21 has stood for the "World Day of Gratitude" - a date that should remind us to treat each other well. The nice thing is that a THANK YOU costs nothing and gives us all a good feeling. 

There are opportunities for a THANK YOU all year round - but especially in the coming weeks and months, when there are such beautiful festivals and holidays as Easter or Mother's and Father's Day. And why not underpin the THANK YOU with a heartfelt gift? 

The gift can be put together quickly and easily from existing MALU WILZ products - depending on the recipient, the occasion and the budget! Our gift wraps are beautifully designed, arrive flat and are quick to set up! In addition, they can be used all year round! 

Available from Malu Wilz beauticians in your area

Gift bag "Heart" (large) 

Gift bag

Dimensions: 100 x 250 x 300mm 

The GIFT BAG "HEART" (large) is ideal for larger gifts, such as our MALU WILZ products from our skin care series in folding boxes. 

Art. No. 7552.1 

Gift box "Flowers" (medium) 

gift box

Dimensions: 195 x 265 x 100mm 

The GIFT BOX "FLOWERS" (medium) is suitable for medium-sized gifts, such as our MALU WILZ products from our skin care series and our decorative cosmetics

Art. No. 7552.2 

Gift bag "Heart" (small) 

gift bag

Dimensions: 65 x 180 x 210 mm

The GIFT BAG "HEART" (small) is suitable for smaller gifts, such as our MALU WILZ decorative cosmetics products

Art. No. 7552.3 

In the videos, we show you how to easily set up the gift packaging. Here we go!