Zitrusfrüchte mit Hautpflege-Produkt

The sun, the beach and the sea stress our skin very special. Treat your sun-soaked skin with a special care, which makes it quickly again tender and supple. The Papaya Peeling gently removes dead skin cells. The Multi Vitamin Gel prepares your skin for the following skin care products and can also be used as an after sun mask. The Flash Spray provides extra moisture power. 

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MALU WILZ Papaya Peeling

Delicate foaming peeling with 
active ingredients from the papaya fruit. It contains no peeling granules, but enzymes that remove dead skin cells particularly gently.

MALU WILZ Multi Vitamin Gel

Vitalizing moisturizing care with light, gel-like consistency and highly active ingredients. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin, valuable vitamins protect against free radicals and premature aging.

MALU WILZ Hyaluronic Active+ Flash Spray

Contains the highly effective, dual action formula with the active ingredient hyaluronan. Two different hyaluronic acids (high-molecular and low-molecular) supply the skin with an extra portion of moisture immediately after application, leaving it looking smoother and strengthened from within.